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Egg painting is an incredibly delicate and specialized art form requiring exquisite patience and skill. Not all painters, even the most gifted ones, have what it takes to paint on eggs. The eggs used by Mr.Sadra and his family includes Balinese duck eggs, Javanese goose and swan eggs, Australian ostrich eggs, and large eggs from the Kaswari Bird, a rare, flightless bird found only on the easternmost Indonesian territory of Irian Jaya. The eggs range in size from about 4 inches (10 cm) to about 9 inches (22.5 cm). Eggs to be exported for painting and other functions are pricked and drained through a tiny hole in the bottom, then cleaned, prepared and shipped. They are obviously a very fragile and precious commodity.

Wayan Sadra runs a family business out of his shop and studio outside of Ubud, the artistic capital of Bali, along with his wife, three sons and one daughter, all of whom paint eggs and other media, including painting on glass. Wayan works as a high school art teacher in addition to his egg-painting business. He is a self-taught artist who first had the idea to paint on eggs in 1999, in a local competition for Christmas ornament design. Encouraged by the results, he developed his skill and began to sell the eggs at the Bali Hyatt in Sanur, before forming his own business.

A visit to the Sadra family studio is a remarkable experience. There are always at least two or three family members sitting around and painting eggs, and as you watch, you marvel at how they could possibly paint such intricate detail on an egg, often having to support it in one hand while painting with the other. There are hundreds of hand painted eggs on display, of all sizes and hundreds upon hundreds of different designs and color motifs; everything from traditional Balinese mythical characters to naturalistic flower, insect and animal drawings to whimsical portrayals of the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, etc. A unique feature of the Sadra's business is that a customer can send a photo of a person or place to us at, and keluarga Sadra (the Sadra family) will paint it on the size and number of eggs of the customer's choice! It's a skill one almost has to see to believe, though photos on the Internet are about the next best thing to being there. 

Each egg comes safely packed and shipped in its own handwoven Balinese basket, with a display stand included.

Below all kinds of egg stand we have and the you can choose which one you like.


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